Airports and Public Transport

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Protected on the move

Public transportation, including buses, trains and aeroplanes, transport millions of passengers each and every day. The sheer number of passengers means that highly contaminated areas are a stark reality and the proximity of frequently touched surfaces means that potentially harmful microbes are transferred easily from one surface to another.

Any surface in public transport that is in contact with passengers becomes a potential source of cross-infection. Surfaces can also become contaminated from passengers or staff shedding microbes or those originating from respiratory infections. This contamination then poses a risk to those passengers and staff responsible for both driving and providing services to those passengers.

Every effort must be taken, within a regular and controlled cleaning regime, to ensure that all defences are in place to reduce infections.

At Pure Zone Solutions, we believe that our spaces and environments should be safe and welcoming, bringing value to all of our lives.

PURE ZONE ® antibacterial laminate film provides 24-hour preventative protection through a silver ion solution that inhibits the proliferation of 99.99% of bacteria and coronaviruses.