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Peace-of-mind for parents

In the education sector, it is particularly important for staff and learners to feel safe and protected in their environments. We all know that infection outbreaks can be a regular occurrence there and so we need to actively protect against them and create a rewarding learning environment. Thus, we set an example to the learning community.

To do this we need to maintain a high level of cleanliness to reduce the spread of infection, which can result in both student and staff absences. Germs spread at a worrying pace and with the threat of harmful bacteria and viruses, regular and effective cleaning is needed to ensure these risks are reduced.

Every effort must be taken, within a regular and controlled cleaning regime, to ensure that all defences are in place to reduce infections.

At Pure Zone Solutions, we believe that our spaces and environments should be safe and welcoming, bringing value to all of our lives.

PURE ZONE ® antibacterial laminate film provides 24-hour preventative protection through a silver ion solution that inhibits the proliferation of 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.