Workplaces and Offices

We give you and your employees

A safer working environment

The workplace is an environment where we spend a lot of our time. A clean environment provides a more productive workspace and gives confidence to visiting customers that this is a company to work with.

Organisations have a direct interest in creating an environment that helps people make healthy choices, as having a healthier more engaged workforce makes good business sense. A motivated and healthy workforce is more likely to perform well so that everyone benefits through improved morale, reduced absenteeism, and increased retention and productivity.

Every effort must be taken, within a regular and controlled cleaning regime, to ensure that all defences are in place to reduce infections.

At Pure Zone Solutions, we believe that our spaces and environments should be safe and welcoming, bringing value to all of our lives.

PURE ZONE ® antibacterial laminate film provides 24-hour preventative protection through a silver ion solution that inhibits the proliferation of 99.99% of bacteria and coronaviruses.