Protect your personal space

With our innovative PurePad™

We have developed a first-of-its-kind self-cleaning pad that fits into your specific environment. Whether you’re traveling, at the office, or grabbing lunch at your nearby cafe, your PurePad ™
ensures you have a safe space wherever you go.

We cater to establishments in multiple industries including health, education and entertainment. Your business can now offer a safe space.

PurePad protects your personal space at home.


We should always be safe and protected at home. Our PurePad™ ensures you reduce germs and protect your loved ones.

PurePad protects you at work.


When you or your colleagues use a PurePad™ at your desks, reception areas or boardroom tables, you create a safe and productive environment.

PurePad protects you at school and university


Reduce the outbreak and spread of germs between faculty members and learners by using a PurePad™ on desks, counters and other surfaces.

PurePad protects you and your business


Ensure your health and safety concerns are managed for your staff and customers by placing a PurePad™ on your surfaces.

How does a PurePad™ work exactly?

A PurePad is a safe space. The top layer of the PurePad contains silver-ion technology which actively reduces the growth of harmful bacteria and coronaviruses.

This top layer film has been tested and certified according to the ISO 22196 norm and has most recently been shown to be effective in combating against coronaviruses by being tested and certified according to the ISO 21702 norm.

The question you're asking yourself

Why do you need a Pure Zone?

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We tailor solutions to your requirements

People frequent businesses that are empathetic to their needs and they want brands to show them how they can be helpful to them in everyday life.

Businesses want to ensure that their employees and their customers are safe, and to do this they need to focus on their internal environments. By doing this they show how they are purpose-led and actively build greater awareness and prevent the spread of diseases.

We provide an anti-microbial protective surface cover that significantly reduces the proliferation of bacteria and viruses and so protects against the spread of disease.